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Pizza Menu

Served on Thursdays from 6pm and Sundays from 4pm during the summer months

Our handmade pizza selection, all freshly prepared and cooked in our traditional wood-burning pizza oven located in the garden.

Mark 'n' Rita
Mozzarella, cheese, fresh basil, and sundry tomato or ham etc.

Philly Mac
Slow cooked peppered brisket of beef with red onions, Portobello mushrooms and Mac 'n' cheese £11.95

Pork is best Texan
Original pulled pork with mozzarella cheese, mushroom and red onion and Bourbon BBQ sauce £11.95

Cancun Hot
Mexican beef chilli, jalapeno peppers and cool cream cheese finished with chipotle sauce £11.95 pimiento peppers, cream cheese, jalapenos and a smoky South Western sauce

Moor Not Less Moorish
Mediterranean marinated chicken with chorizo, roasted peppers, chilli flakes, olives and oregano £11.95

Avo Go Greek (v)
Avocado, cherry tomato, spring onion and mint salsa, black olives and crumbly feta £11.95

NYC vs. Florence
NY white pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, oregano and thyme and a Florence spinach and egg centre sprinkled with Parmesan £11.95

Ba Da Bing!
All in Sicilian spicy meat topped with mozzarella, Sicilian tomato sauce, roquito chilli pearls, then all the meats (pepperoni, chorizo and chicken). Add more jalapenos for more kick 11.95

Triple Garlic Bread
Our own hand stretched pizza dough, smothered with garlic butter and garlic basil olive oil and cheese £3.95

Neapolitan Finish
Sweet pizza, chocolate, creamy ricotta and hazelnut crown 10.95